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Your body is an amazingly complex system that's designed to work as simply as possible.

Every movement you make is matched to every other movement so you can walk, run, sit, or lift a hand effortlessly. At times, because of age, illness, or injury, these sets of motions become unbalanced and that's when your Physical Therapist comes into the picture; we find what's causing your problem and how to help you.

Welcome to Globerman Physical Therapy... for us the best part of Physical Therapy, and being PTs, is helping you overcome pain, fear, and injury to be happy, healthy, and free to enjoy the quality of life you deserve. 

If you are looking for physical therapy, massage therapy, or wellness services, we would like to be your providers for life! 

  • Friendly, caring staff
  • Convenient midtown Ventura location
  • Customized programs based on each patients' needs
  • Timely appointments

If we didn't see patients as people, instead of just clients, we wouldn't heal them as well as we do, and we wouldn't build the relationships that we do. Proudly serving the Ventura, Santa Paula, Ojai, Oxnard, and Camarillo areas!


Want Some Help?

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