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How We Can Help You

Overview of Common Problems

At Globerman PT we can treat you from the top of your head down to the tip of your  toes: for headaches caused by occipital neuralgia, to the foot pain of plantar fascitis.

No matter what hurts we can help.  Physical therapists are professional health caregivers who treat people of all ages and conditions from newborn babies to senior citizens.  

PTs are specially educated in physics, anatomy, and kinesiology (human movement) and are licensed to clinically examine, diagnose, and treat conditions affecting your muscles, bones, joints, nerves, and skin that limit your mobility.  

We're trained to understand how your body works and how to help you when it doesn't.  At Globerman Physical Therapy you can trust us to get you moving after injury, illness, or trauma and keep it from happening again.

All of our PTs are licensed by the Physical Therapy Board of California and have exceeded it's standards for continuing education. Our Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs) are extensively trained clinicians and follow strict guidelines of therapy and rehabilitation when helping you.

We know getting well takes plenty of time, attention, and motivation. We'll partner with you to make it happen. Your PT will examine you, learn your medical history, assess your needs, discuss your goals, and work with you to achieve them. Together you'll plan a program ideally suited for you, with all the time you want for treatment, training, and working out in the gym.

Becuse everyone is unique you’ll need a combination of treatments and exercises specifically tailored to your individual requirements.  Using our state of the art equipment, under the direction of your PT, you’ll achieve your long-term health goals, restore function, reduce pain, regain mobility, and prevent disability.   

The most common area of treatment for patients in physical therapy is the lower back. Because of that, we specialize in and have developed specific spinal stabilization exercises at Globerman PT for people of all fitness and activity levels.


Here is a list of the most often injured areas we regularly treat:


 occipital neuralgia- headaches, facial pain


degenerative disc disease- neck pain, arm pain


impingement- shoulder pain especially with reaching and lifting


lateral epicondylitis/ tennis elbow - pain on the outside of the elbow


carpal tunnel syndrome- numbness and pain in the the wrist and hand

Low Back:

herniated disc- pain with bending and sitting caused by heavy lifting


bursitis- pain on the outside of the hip


osteoarthritis- knee pain and swelling 


achilles tendinitis- pain in the back of the ankle


Specialty Treatment Programs:
Women's Health
Pre and Post Natal Care
Sports Injury Prevention
Chronic Pain Management



Wellness comes from moving freely through your life.  Beginning with an individually tailored physical therapy treatment program and the healing motion of excercise, we can help you recover from trauma and manage pain and health conditions without fear of falls, recurring injuries or limiting disabilities.  Our pledge is to get you back to your game, friends, family and life's work with improved health, balance, coordination, strength and renewed confidence.

Your lifelong health, ability to exercise safely, travel freely, lose weight permanently and enjoy every day is our life's work.


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