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"Prior to visiting Globerman, I saw three different PTs who were unable to help improve the structural damage in my neck. I felt hopeless and discouraged about my future, until I visited Esther and her team. They are thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and kind and a team that measures results and have dramatically improved my quality of life.

Within a few sessions, my neck started feeling better, and after two years of not being able to turn my head again, I almost have my full range of motion restored, and am so incredibly grateful!

Esther is a rarity in the medical field whose passion for helping people is immediately apparent within moments of meeting her. She has a gift of care-taking and genuinely cares about her patients and helping them get better. Her staff is fun and friendly and for the first time in my life, I didn't dread going to Physical Therapy. After visiting multiple physical therapists in Ventura County, Esther is BY FAR the best, and I couldn't more highly recommend Globerman Physical Therapy! If you are suffering, there is hope here and completely deserve their #1 rating for PTs on Yelp!"-Andrea P. (from Yelp review, 5 out 5 stars)

"This is the place to be for healing and gaining strength. You will find a warm and positive atmosphere at Globerman's. They are always caring, kind, positive, and on time. You won't feel alone anymore with your physical problems. They are there to lift your spirits and get you healed. Just a wonderful place for recovery"-Patrice O.  (from Yelp review, 5 out 5 stars)

"Just the best! First of all, they take my insurance, which I've discovered doesn't pay very well. Esther Globerman, the owner, said she felt like she needed to take my insurance because -- where else would people go if she didn't. It's that kind of genuine kindness and care for others that sets Globerman apart from the rest.  
And best of all, I'm finally getting better. I've been getting physical therapy for an ankle injury for almost a year and a half. And it just kept getting better-worse-better-worse. The Globerman physical therapist is doing something different. She's actually going in and massaging my ankle and breaking up the scar tissue. I was headed for surgery (again). But, I'm pretty sure I won't need it now. Thank you Globerman Physical Therapy! I'm so glad I found you." -Von L., Patient (from Yelp review, 5 out 5 stars)

"I have had lots of physical therapy over the years & this is by far the best experience ever. Esther diagnosed my situation well & set me on a routine that quickly relieved pain & increased my strength. Farrah followed up with me and provided further exercises and education to maximize my efforts. I was able to get back to walking in short order.  Esther, Farrah & the whole staff are highly competent, friendly & professional.  Globerman PT is a well run business & I highly recommend them!" -Melanie M., Patient (from Yelp review, 5 out 5 stars)

"I started seeing Esther and the GT team after my first son was born for women's health/child birth injury issues. This type of physical therapy, at the time, wasn't widely talked about and I'm thankful my doctor suggested it. Esther is very knowledgeable in women's health treatment and helped me get back to a more normal lifestyle. When I got pregnant with my second child I started seeing Esther again to work on pelvic floor strength and addressing ways to minimize child birth injury during my next delivery. I continued pelvic floor/women's health therapy until about 5 months postpartum. I hope more mamas will seek treatment during and after delivery for pelvic floor issues and pain. I was supported through my recovery by Esther and the GT team. The staff is all very friendly, scheduling is easy, invoicing and paying bills was smooth, facility always clean and tidy. Great office and I highly recommend!!!!"-Elizabeth R. (from Yelp review, 5 out 5 stars)


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