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Hip and Knee Pain

Hip and knee pain affect millions of people of all ages every day. Arthritis is the leading cause of hip and knee pain, but many other conditions such as bursitis and knee injuries can impair ones ability to function. The pain can become disabling, limiting a persons ability to walk and move. A physical therapy evaluation is crucial in identifying the underlying causes of the impairment.

At Globerman PT we treat Hips and Knees with both preventative physical therapy and post-operative rehabilitation.


To prevent surgery, we can help reduce hip and knee pain by identifying the contributing factors. Knee pain can not only come from the knee, but also due to hip weakness, poor biomechanics, or may originate from the low back.


We provide stretching, strengthening, and scar tissue management after surgery.  Stretching tight muscles, strengthening the weak muscles, and improving balance and coordination lead to a successful recovery.

At Globerman PT, we focus on not only the pain, but preventing further injury. This is done by a careful and concise home exercise program designed based on individual needs.

Globerman Physical Therapy has been very successful with the use of kinesiotape to increase the body's awareness to make the muscles work better. Other tools, such as ice or heat treatment and electric stimulations can reduce pain and inflammation. In addition, we have a low-level laser which has been approved by the FDA for arthritis pain relief.


Self help tips for hip and knee pain

Use ice or heat: For acute injuries ice is the preferred choice. If it has been more than 48 hours, use what gives you relief

Keep your legs elevated to reduce swelling

Gentle compression: use an ace wrap or neoprene sleeve can help with swelling and pain, be careful not to wrap too tight

Avoid deep knee bends or squats



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