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Your Therapy Sessions

Your First Visit

Your first visit at Globerman Physical Therapy is all about you getting immediate care, right to the spot it's needed.

Remember to bring your insurance card and a list of any medications you're currently taking. The whole first time check-in process will only take about 15 -20 minutes.
(Click here for more details about first visit paperwork)

In total, expect your first visit to take at least an hour.  

Our emphasis on this visit is to perform a comprehensive evaluation of you to determine what is causing your problems by measuring specific areas of your body and testing your range of motion. Based on those specifics we assess what the cause of your problem is and assign a treatment plan for you to follow.

Your evaluation starts with a private meeting with your physical therapist to go over your medical history. We'll learn about you, what impairments you are experiencing, including any aggravating factors, and what treatment you've had. This helps us determine the causes of your problems.  

Next, you’ll learn what areas of your body are weak, tight or not moving correctly. We'll find what's reducing your mobility and abilities, and how that combination of factors is causing you pain.  Then we'll examine the area by looking at your mobility, strength, balance/coordination and determine a plan of action.

All this happens on your first visit:

Private Medical Evaluation

Discuss Medical History and General Health topics, Evaluate Medications, Sleep Patterns, and Pain Management factors

Private Consultation of Patient Needs & Goals

We'll discuss your Social and Occupational needs and help you determine what results you want to achieve with your therapy sessions and set goals to reach them. We'll discuss your ability to participate in Athletic and Recreational Activities at the level you desire.

Private Hands on Physical Evaluation & Measurement

In the treatment room your therapy begins with Immediate Care to the Spot using hands on therapy to decrease pain and increase flexibility and with medical equipment for electric stimulation and ultrasound to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms.


Your Posture, Balance, Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility  will be measured using therapy specific tools and tests. Your responses are recorded and compared to the average of people in your age range.  This baseline will be used to measure your progress as your treatment continues.

Gym Exercise & Instruction

Next you'll move into the gym, where using demonstration, hands-on cues, exercise balls, foam rollers, resistance bands, and other equipment you'll learn from your physical therapist how to move again. 


After your gym time you'll be given a set of Home Exercises to follow along with all the necessary print outs, demonstration illustrations and online videos as resources to follow your plan at home. 


You'll learn injury prevention and pain reduction techniques from your physical therapist to safely progress through your home exercise course and therapy assignments. 


Finally, at the end of your first visit, you'll schedule your First Therapy Session as you move forward with your therapy and rehabilitation plan of action.


A long, happy, independent, and active life, lived to the fullest is our goal for you. At Globerman Physical Therapy your lifelong health, ability to exercise safely, travel freely, lose weight permanently, and enjoy every day with family and friends is our life's work.  We're here to help you live the quality of life you deserve.