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Specialty Treatments

Fitness Test

Globerman Physical Therapy can help you reach your fitness/wellness goals via the FitTEST Solutions program.

The FitTEST fitness physicals are designed for anyone without a painful condition interested in minimizing disease risk factors (including diabetes, pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular disease), improving your fitness level, and/or maximizing your athletic performance. The results of your fitness physical are used to compose a personalized exercise prescription to address your specific goals and areas of deficiency.

Your physical therapist has extensive training in identifying disease “red flags,” the body’s musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, and postural and movement impairments that can lead to repetitive stress injuries, making your physical therapist the ideal professional to administer your fitness physical. If your physical therapist identifies a disease risk you were not previously aware of, you may be referred to your primary care physician for further assessment and treatment.

Once your exercise prescription is formulated by your therapist, ruling out other health risks, you can present your prescribed exercise program to your personal trainer as a baseline for your fitness program. Your unique movement and exercise prescription can also be performed at home at your convenience.

Optionally, you may benefit from an in-office follow up visit with your physical therapist to check for errors in form and/or progress your program.

Please contact our office with any questions regarding the FitTEST fitness physical or to schedule your assessment!