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Check out Globerman PT's latest blogs about fitness, health, and injuries.

We, at Globerman Physical Therapy, care for you and your health.  Please take advantage of the available knowledge of our skilled clinicians in the comfort of your own home! It is our goal to update this blog regularly with health and wellness issues trending our community from the vantage point of licensed physical therapists. If there is a topic of interest to you, please feel free to mention it to a staff member and we will happily share our knowledge as soon as we can! Your health and wellness is our number one priority!

As a disclaimer for all blog entries posted on this website, GPT and our clinicians do not attempt to diagnose nor treat any individual's ailment through this online blog.  These blogs were established for patient education and community interaction, and at no time are a substitue for an in-person consultation with a licensed medical professional. 

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